Air & Gas Drying

Air and gas drying packages can be custom designed & manufactured to meet your exact specifications

Brittania offers a number of different solutions to air and gas drying. Absorbent desiccants, heat-less regenerative natural gas dryers, pipeline dryers and gas filtration packages are available.

Brittania's air and gas drying packages can be custom designed & manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Brittania is a distributor for Van Air Gas Systems.

Van Gas Technologies offers a full line of filtration products for gas distribution, desiccant bed protection, regulator stations, instrument gas, and numerous other gas filtration applications.

Air & Gas Drying
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Equipment Specifications.

Absorbent Desiccants
  • Available in three grades to meet gas pipeline specifications
  • Non-toxic and completely soluble in water
  • Used in various types of gas dryers
  • Heat-less Regenerative Natural Gas Dryer
Heat-less Regenerative Dryer
  • Heat-less Regenerative Natural Gas Dryer
  • Reduce H2O content to less than 4 lbs water / MMSCF
Pipeline Dryers
  • Economical solution to natural gas and biogas dehydration
  • Environmentally friendly with no BTEX emissions
  • Recommended for wellhead, fuel gas, and bio-gas applications
  • Fire & Gas detection
  • High and Low pressure automatic recycle
  • Condensate pumps
  • Meter runs / Chart recorders
  • Building lighting
  • Low noise option

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