Liquefied Gas Transfer

Transfer applications for truck, rail, ships, barges, marine and pipeline terminals

Reciprocating Piston Compressors are ideal for use in many industrial gas transfer applications (Vapor recovery) in turn liquefied gas transfer.

We offer a complete range of best in class industrial compressor solutions, for the Transfer of NGL, LPG/Propane, Butane and other hydrocarbons.

Liquefied gasses are often transported by rail, in tank cars with openings in the top of a tank. Liquid pumps often have difficulty unloading the liquefied gas from the tank car, typically unloading only 80-85% of the tank cars capacity, due to poor suction conditions where piping restricts flow.

A Compressor will transfer + 99% of the rails cars contents to a storage tank, by adding an initial lift to the liquid and by transferring the vapors from the top of storage tank, to the rail car that is to be emptied.

The pressure of the storage tank is reduced and the pressure in the top of rail car is increased, thereby transferring the liquids from the rail car into the storage tank.

Liquefied Gas Transfer
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We supply Blackmer vertical and horizontal reciprocating compressors, to handle a broad range of pressure and volume requirements for liquefied gas transfer applications for truck, rail, ships, barges, marine and pipeline terminals.

Blackmer Oil-Free Compressors are designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability, under the most severe service conditions.


Features & Benefits

  • Oil Free design is ideal for liquified gas applications
  • High Efficiency valves move more volume
  • Multiple seal options provide maximum leakage control and prevent oil contamination

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