Natural Gas Boosters

Stationary or Portable, Sweet or Sour Gas Applications

Move (boost) wellhead gas and tank vapours into low to medium pressure pipelines / gathering systems where the compressed gas can be further processed at a downstream gas plant.

Brittania booster gas compressors are packaged to ABSA B31.3 standards for sweet or sour gas applications Stationary or portable packages are available from 5 HP to 200 HP Booster gas compressor packages can be engine drive, electric drive, reciprocating or rotary.

Natural Gas Boosters
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Product Lines Offered.

Rotary Screw
Gardner Denver
Rotary Vane
Ro Flo
Rotary Lobe (Blower)
Gardner Denver

Equipment Specifications.

Standard 30 HP Boosters
  • Continental TM27 Engine
  • Blackmer HD612 or HD942
  • Quincy QRNG 5120 reciprocating Compressor for applications up to 325 PSIG - Flows up to 250 MSCF/D
  • Quincy QRNG 4125 reciprocating Compressor for applications up to 100 PSIG - Flows to 600 MSCF/D
  • Blackmer Compressors available for applications with H2S
  • Gardner Denver Reciprocating option for some applications
  • Austart low pressure starter
  • Altronic shielded ignition
  • Inlet pressures to 50 PSIG
  • 8' x 10' Oilfield style skid
  • Totally enclosed insulated and heated building
  • V-Belt drive
  • 8" dia. x 36" Suction Scrubber with Demister Pad
  • Kimray Inlet Control
  • Murphy TTDJ Annunciator Panel
  • Oil bypass filter
  • Low pressure recycle
  • Finned tube cooler
65 HP & 99 HP Boosters
  • Arrow VRC-2 Reciprocating 1 - 3 stage
  • Knox Western Reciprocating
  • Enduro Screw Model 25 or Gardner Denver SSH
  • Available in sour service
  • Cummins, Caterpillar and Arrow Drivers available
  • Altronic Shielded Ignition
  • Heavy Duty oilfield skid c/w built-in containment
  • Totally enclosed insulated & heated building
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 70 PSI (50 PSI for SSH)
  • V-Belt Drive (Direct drive for SSH)
  • 14" dia. x 54" Suction Scrubber with Demister Pad & 16" dia. x 54" Oil/Gas Separator
  • Global Heat GHT975 cooler
  • Kimray Inlet Control
  • Murphy TTDJ Annunciator Panel
  • Flows to 1MMSCFD +
  • Fugitive emission studies included
  • Fisher Inlet Control Valve
  • Sound Suppression Packages
  • Fire and Gas Detection
  • Low Pressure Recycle
  • High Pressure Recycle
  • Used oil storage and skid
  • Meter Run
  • Blowcase or Condensate
  • Fuel Gas Scrubber
  • Electric Drive Options Available

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