Air & Gas Drying

Brittania offers a number of different solutions to air and gas drying. Absorbent desiccants, heat-less regenerative natural gas dryers, pipeline dryers and gas filtration packages are available.

Brittania's air and gas drying packages can be custom designed & manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Brittania is a distributor for Van Air Gas Systems.

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Absorbent Desiccants

  • Available in three grades to meet gas pipeline specifications
  • Non-toxic and completely soluble in water
  • Used in various types of gas dryers

Heat-less Regenerative Natural Gas Dryer

  • Heat-less Regenerative Natural Gas Dryer
  • Reduce H2O content to less than 4 lbs water / MMSCF

Pipeline Dryers

  • Economical solution to natural gas and biogas dehydration
  • Environmentally friendly with no BTEX emissions
  • Recommended for wellhead, fuel gas, and biogas applications
  • Fire & Gas detection
  • High and Low pressure automatic recycle
  • Condensate pumps
  • Meter runs / Chart recorders
  • Building lighting
  • Low noise option

Van Gas Technologies offers a full line of filtration products for gas distribution, desiccant bed protection, regulator stations, instrument gas, and numerous other gas filtration applications.

Brittania Industries

An Alberta based Natural Gas Compression company that specializes in the fabrication of low to medium horsepower Natural Gas Compression Packages.



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