Casing Gas Compressors

Enhanced oil recovery using casing gas compressors to optimize oil production.

Brittania casing gas compressors will reduce the wellhead gas pressure, compressing the annular gas into the flow line /gathering system.

Brittania casing gas compressors are packaged to ABSA B31.3 standards for sweet or sour gas applications

Stationary or portable packages are available from 5 HP to 100 HP. Casing gas compressor packages can be engine drive, electric drive, reciprocating or rotary.

Compressor product lines offered

  • Reciprocating: Blackmer, Quincy, Arrow
  • Rotary Screw: Gardner Denver, Enduro

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  • Quincy QRNG reciprocating - customized for each
    application, sweet service only
  • Blackmer reciprocating - customized for each application, sweet or sour service

Standard Components:

  • Suction scrubber with mist pad, 1/8" corrosion allowance
  • Building, shed type, self framing or polyurethane panel style
  • Building heater
  • Shutdowns wired to junction box

Gas Drivers:

  • Kubota, Ford, Continental, Arrow or Cummins available
  • 15 to 100HP

Electric Drivers:

  • Explosion Proof, customized for each application
  • VFD compatible by customer request
  • Remote mount motor starter available
  • Inlet control regulator or control valve
  • Low Pressure Recycle
  • High Pressure Recycle
  • Condensate Pump
  • Murphy S1501 Control Panel
  • Fire and Gas Detection

Brittania Industries

An Alberta based Natural Gas Compression company that specializes in the fabrication of low to medium horsepower Natural Gas Compression Packages.



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